Daniel Hokanson, National Guard Bureau

Daniel Hokanson is a four-star general, and Chief of the National Guard Bureau. He is the highest-ranking officer in the United States National Guard, and an adviser to…

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Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury

Janet Yellen is Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America. Her department oversees all financial and monetary matters relating to the federal government. We pray that…

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Tom Gribben, Department of the Treasury

Tom Gribben is Commissioner for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at the Department of the Treasury. His office promotes the financial integrity and operational efficiency of the federal…

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President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is responsible for the prosperity, well-being, and security of our country, while representing freedom and democracy on the world stage. We pray that God will…

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Robert Hampshire, Department of Transportation

Robert Hampshire is Chief Science Officer at the Department of Transportation.  In this role, he oversees research, development and technology activities across the department and the 40 university transportation…

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